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Insta-grabs are power-ups which take effect immediately as you collect them. All Insta-Grabs are found inside balloons which you first must destroy to reveal the item.

Small Health

Repairs the craft by 25 percent.


Mega Health

Fully repairs the craft and adds an additional 50 percent health.

Reverse Controls

Reverses the controls of all enemy craft for 5 seconds.

Unlimited Boost

Gives the pilot unlimited boost for 10 seconds

Max Speed Increase

Greatly increases the top speed of the aircraft. This speed increase scales with the boost level of your aircraft.


Radar Scrambler

Scrambles all enemy radars for 10 seconds.



Only found within team based game modes, acquiring this pickup will disguise you as the enemy for a few seconds.

Fake Insta-Grabs

Be Careful. Any one of the pickups listed above can have a fake version spawned. These fake versions will have an adverse effect on the craft that activates them.

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