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Game Modes


Single-player Modes


To have any chance of victory, the tutorial is must for all new players of DogFighter. Spend time getting to know the HUD, the weapons, and the flight model before jumping into the action!

Free Flight

This mode gives you a chance to get familiar with the differing environments and aircraft, and will allow you to learn their secrets at your own pace, without a firefight going on around you - it's just you, your aircraft and varying terrains.


Tournament is akin to single player based campaign modes, and is based on the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Survivor game modes. The players are awarded with medals for completing events on three tiers of difficulty. Can you rise to the top and be deemed a DogFighter Ace?


You are doomed from the get go as this mode has no end level, as the onslaught of enemies just increase in difficulty with each wave. Survival is all about how long you can hung in there before your eventual doom. How many of the enemy you will send to a fiery death before they get to you? How many waves will you survive?


Is a free-for-all of you against a chosen number of bots. Set the bots AI to suit your skill level, and also keep a look out for your stats as you find your skills improving.

Team Deathmatch

Another staple game mode for most multiplayer games. Chose between the red or blue teams, with strategic players being awarded for their team play as the cover their teams back by getting following aircraft off their tale...

Lone Wolf

When you feel that balances teams are not giving you the thrill you require, then Lone Wolf is for you - Pit yourself against 2, or 3, or more, up to 8 bots in the opposing side. Feel the pressure as they systematically hunt you down as a group. You will have no where to hide. How many can you take on!?


Multi-player Modes


In Deathmatch, the objective is simple: Frag-or-be-Fragged. You must rack up as many enemy kills as possible up to reach the Frag Limit before the time runs out. It will be every man for himself. Expect no mercy. None will be given.

Team Deathmatch

In Team Deathmatch, you and your squadron must destroy the enemy as quickly as possible up to the Frag limit or as many as you and your team mates can within the time limit.

Capture The Flag

A team based game mode in which you and your squadron must burst through enemy defenses to acquire the enemy flag, before bringing it back to the safety of your own base. Be warned. If your flag is removed from your base it will be impossible for your team to score.

Wolf Pack

Is the multiplayer version of Lone Wolf where you can play together with other human players in one team against a choosen number of bots, so you can balance the game as you like, making it as difficult or easy as you prefer.




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