DogFighter originally shipped with 5 environments when released, but has had 2 environments added to it post release with Steam updates, for free! So you can enjoy playing your favorite game types in a varied array of settings. Why not fly through mine tunnels, inside pyramids, or weave your way through large supports or corridors?

Get close to the ground to charge up your boost bar faster, and use the environment to shake off the enemy hot on your tail. Run the gauntlet and see who comes out on top...



With a huge core drill supported by thick cabling and powered with four separate power-stations, the Dirtbox is a noisy, tight mess of machinery and dust. No other map is as concentrated or as exciting to navigate at its center. Dirtbox can be split into three distinct areas:



At the center of a vast featureless desert lies an untarnished vision of Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs is fine mix of vast exposed areas and tight internal and partially covered flyways. This map can be broken into five areas:


The Red Mines

The Red Mines is an old abandoned mining settlement whose name is taken from the red staining on the tunnel walls that make up a vast underground theater of destruction. Pilots can take their craft deep into the heart of the mines itself if they dare to grab some of the more lucrative weapon systems hidden in its depths. The map is split into three distinct areas:



A long forgotten outpost that has been shrouded in mystery. Shambhala is a very open map with a huge wall that circumnavigates the play area.

The real ace pilot will attempt to use these walls to their advantage as it offers cover from enemy coming from the left or the right as well as having speed boosting power-ups littered along its length. Indeed, if a pilot wants to get from one side of this area to the other they should take to the walls for the shortest, safest trip.



A dramatic tour-de-force of blazing fire and brimstone heralds the coming of the volcano. Within it's deep rumbling crater lies a vast magma chamber that spells death to anyone who touches the molten rock at its center. This chamber has four entrances:


The Old Gods

(Added post launch as a free content update)

The Old Gods map is set in a far eastern fishing village that is overshadowed by an ominous looking skull temple with eternally burning eyes. The blue-green water and sunshine are in stark contrast to the temples shadowy presence and the broken, ruined temple that lies under the maw of the vast skull hewn from the living rock.


Aces High

(Added post launch as a free content update)

A docking-bay in the sky, this map will push DogFighter Pilots to their limits and beyond! Yaw, Pitch and Roll your way through gangways, walkways and trim those flight-paths chaps, as this level, above all others, demands the tightest headings and angles of attack.

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