Wingblade - Attack Fighter

The Wingblade is a solid all rounder. A jack of all trades - master of none, the Wingblade is a good starting craft for a pilot new to the world of DogFighter.


Samnite - Heavy Attack Fighter

This craft likes nothing better than soaking up damage and laughing at opponents futile attempts to bring it down. A slow moving hulk.


Swift - Strike Fighter

Sacrifices maneuverability for increased engine power. Great boost and great top speed but poor armor. Get in and then get out... FAST!

Fleetfoot - Recon Fighter

Fast and maneuverable but has a very weak boost and low armor. This is a real pilots craft.


Rockwell - Assault Fighter

The acrobat. This craft is incredibly maneuverable with a solid boost. Suffers from decreased armor and overall speed.


 Protofighter - Heavy Attack Fighter

The thug. This craft can take a beating and has enough engine power to move its large mass at speed. It does however suffer from maneuverability issues.

The Black Death

Power. Speed. Agility. It has it all. If you see this craft, get out of there. Only the bravest pilots can take this craft on. However, from time to time, a Black Death power up will appear randomly in a match, enabling you to choose to fly this beast for a limited time, if you are willing and get there first! Every kill you make while flying this aircraft, extends the duration you have it for. Watch as your opponents flee from you, seeking cover where ever they can...

There are several more aircraft within DogFighter, all with varying attributes and suited to all differing style of players - Play the game to check them out! ;)

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