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Below is some DogFighter related information, which summarizes the game itself. Check out the videos, the reviews, or other useful information.

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Game Overview

DogFighter is a fast paced, arcade aerial combat game with arena style gameplay values. Players can do battle in single player, or compete against up to 15 players in multiplayer game modes, using beefed up biplanes sporting over 20 different offensive and defensive weapons.

Using a state-of-the-art flight model and controls,ensure that players will have unprecedented command of DogFighter's craft. Complete control of the craft, combined with easily executed advanced manoeuvres such as the Barrel Roll, give DogFighter players the tools they need to master the skies.

With environments built to both slay and save you, the environments in DogFighter offer the player a more interactive experience than is usual for the genre. Players can enjoy piloting their craft down mining tunnels, through pyramids and active volcanoes, in levels designed to deliver a more varied, more interactive gaming experience. Fly low, fly fast!

Key Features:

  • Take to the skies against up to 15 players in classic multiplayer game modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the flag
  • Use several advanced server options to enable variations on the normal game modes by including the likes of Insta-Gib, Turbo Mode and Black Death
  • "Easy-to-fly" flight model with the controls you need to execute advanced manoeuvres such as Barrel Roll and Immelmann Turn
  • Beautifully created environments that are as much a player in the game as the people piloting the craft
  • With eleven unique craft and over 20 different weapons and defensive measures. DogFighter caters to all game play styles
  • Online leaderboards and friend tracking
  • Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud supported
  • Joystick Support
  • Configurable Xbox Controller Support
  • Dedicated Servers

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP (SP2 or more), Windows Vista (SP1 or more), Windows 7
Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual Core
Memory: 1GB System RAM for Win XP, 2 GB for Vista/Windows 7
Graphics: 256MB DirectX 9.0c compliant supporting Pixel Shader 2.0 or better
DirectX: 9.0c (latest)
Hard Drive: 600mb or greater
Sound: Direct X 9.0c compliant sound card

Gameplay Videos

Tips and Tricks

Below are some tips and tricks which will make your DogFighting experience alot more enjoyable, that is, if you can remember them when being attacked from all directions! But don't worry, these tips also appear in-game, so you should be able to get the most out of the game... Enjoy!

  • You can view a description of the HUD at any time, by pressing the HUD overlay button ( Scroll Lock)

  • Red pickups contain offensive weapons, blue contain defensive weapons. Most of these are found at ground level

  • Shooting balloons can reveal helpful pickups

  • Flying low will increase the recharge rate on your boost, allowing you to boost for longer periods

  • Purple pickups are activated immediately when collected. Their effects can cripple an enemy team, but be careful as similar fake pickups will have an adverse effect on you!

  • Going down when you want to go up? Go to the controls section on the main menu and check the Invert Y Axis button

  • If using a joystick or gamepad press fire to spawn

  • Playing single player Tournament is a good way to get used to the controls and to be introduced to special modes like Rocket Arena

  • The Black Death pickup will change your craft into a nightmare form, during which period the player is practically indestructible and has greatly increased firepower

  • The duration of the Black Death can be prolonged by an additional 5 seconds, each time you destroy an enemy plane

  • Other than during the Survivor and Free Flight game modes, the Black Death pickup can spawn at any time

  • Remember to use your advanced manoeuvres. They can get you out of a tight spot

  • If using an Xbox 360 controller, it is good to map advanced manoeuvres onto one of Thumbsticks

  • If using an Xbox 360 controller, you can enable Rumble to feel any shooting, damage or collision

  • Using the Engine Disruptor defensive measure will stall enemy engines or remove their shields

  • For a full description of all the game features, visit the Help and Options section of the main menu

  • So you are a good pilot? Go to the controls section of the main menu and select the advanced flight mode option. The advanced flight mode gives you much more freedom, but will not automatically level your craft

  • Reversing your enemy controls is fun. Shoot a balloon to find a Reverse Controls instagrab!

  • Need to repair your aircraft? The balloons also contain various repair pickups. Shoot the balloons to reveal them!

  • Use the Free Flight game mode to get used to the controls. It is a lot safer!

  • If you fly too far away from the play area you will be deemed a coward and will be destroyed

  • Flying high is dangerous! You are more exposed, there are no pickups and there is a chance your engine might stall

  • If you fly too high your engine will stall!

  • Tool Up! Fly low to pick up some weaponry and defense!

  • When you use Invisibility you will remain invisible to the enemy until you take damage or fire your weapons

  • Firing Engine Disruptor will not deactivate the Invisibility ability

  • Various pickups spawn randomly, but will always spawn at the same location

  • Offensive and Defensive pickups will always spawn at the same location

  • Lost your target? Check your radar!

  • When you damage an enemy player, they will be tagged with a yellow arrow until you shoot someone else or they are destroyed

Release Updates

Below are the Steam game patches to date. New updates are planned for April 2012 onwards, with a major update planned for the summer, but let's keep that between us! ;)

Change Log: 14.June.2011
v. / v.
Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes/fixes/additions include:


- Vanguard Fighter
- Harbinger Fighter
Both craft have been created by community member Darth Wilson. Many, many thanks mate!

- Italian Language Support (thanks to Matteo Guareschi and Luca Pontiroli).
- DogFighter Launcher Tool (toggles graphics and language settings).
- Additional debug commenting for runtime.log

This patch is dedicated to the memory of Janet Parish-Whittaker.

24 Mar 2011
Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

  • Some minor graphics tweaks
  • Fixed bug that stopped players keeping pitch inverted
  • Server stability issues improved
  • Server Crash on start up on some Windows7 set ups


Change Log: 16.March.2011
v. / v.


- Ace's High Level
- KillerBee and AngelFire plane

Change Log: 3.March.2011
v. / v.

DEMO UPDATE - The Demo on steam has finally been given much needed love!
The demo is now up to date with the main version of the game, the biggest change of which is
that it now includes a tutorial mode!

- New weapon configs added for new craft
- New tracer visuals for Machine Gun and Vulcan (better visibility in multiplayer)
- Localization framework for other languages
- Multiplayer chat supports more special characters.
- Transparency for level icons
- Plane selection changed to deal with more incoming planes.
- Host checks if player is known on low level network list before handling messages

- Undefined string when selecting an already-in-use key (in controls options)
- Mouse cursor now shows during loading screen
- Typo on Credits page
- Problems with spaces in swift cockpit mesh fixed.
- Issues with missing faces on volcano rocks.
- Joining a server running old gods now correctly shows the mini level icon
- Ability text clipping on plane selection / help.
- Steam crash in spawnPlayer() (Steam error ID 27876457)
- Problem with back button from level selection to main screen (bug 5976)
- A crash sometimes caused by a dead-lock in Input Manager
- Mouse Cursor navigation by x-joypad works again
- Unicode characters were wrongly converted to text event
- Super-charge consumption when unlimited boost for loop, immelman as well as for barrel-roll
- Deleted some obsolete graphics files
- Crash when doing QuickMatch->Cancel->QuickMatch
- Keyboard/Joypad initial settings

- Vulcan damage increased by 300%
- Machine Gun damage increased by 300%
- Machine Gun and Viper only now fire 1 bullet at a time (down from 3)
- Increased Samnite health by 25 points (both normal and boosted health)
- Visual improvements to Old Gods Sea bed
- Added greener sand for Old Gods
- Disabled some memory checks
- Resized a suspect Shambhala skin
- Resized menu screen texture assets
- Resized Splash screen
- MOTD can now take some basic HTML


22 Nov 2010
With version v. Dark Water Studios' DogFighter unveils support for Saitek X52 and X52 Pro Flight Control System (massive shout-out to the awesome guys, Chris Shallcross in particular, at Saitek for making this happen!), legacy PhysX support (2.8.3) for non-SSE2 systems, as well as a number of bug-fixes, tweaks and changes (full details below).

Happy hunting, hot-shots!
-Dark Water Studios Dev Team.

Change Log: 18.November.2010

- Authentication can time out now (Server/Dedicated Server)
- More detailed failure reasons in result codes
- More/better log entries for connection failures
- More/better log entries for invalid network packets
- More detailed messages why connect failed
- STEAM_BUFFERED_MESSAGES now contain a CRC which is validated on receive
- Disconnect messages now all carry a reason field
- Diagnostic code which dumps a STEAM_BUFFERED_MESSAGE in case of an error in structure/CRC
- +exit_on_bad_packet option to easier find bad packets (Server/Dedicated Server)
- iePhysXLegacy module (based on PhysX 2.8.3 SDK) to provide support for non-SSE2 systems
- ReadyToSpawn Event for GUI
- More/better log entries for graphics device initialisation issues
- More/better log entries for graphics thread initialisation issues
- Added "resetting to defaults" in XBox joypad settings tab
- Daniel Mueller as a Bot Name.
- Added 'back' button tracing in main menu
- All 'start game wizard menus' go just one step back instead of re-setting to main screen and all help info menu panels keep all help menu items visible
- Added new Tournament Ace info into main menu

- File integrity check didn't use proper file share mode
- Several message boxes switched off (Dedicated Server)
- Bot blackboard idle in empty frames
- Sleep interval for server was wrong causing high CPU load (Server/Dedicated Server)
- Removed assert for isValidMessage and added more diagnostic code
- Server disconnects player when player info is not replied in a specific timeout (Server/Dedicated Server)
- Endless loop when player connect timeout happening (Server/Dedicated Server)
- P2P disconnects can now be disabled in config
- Clearing pending wait for fire on end round
- Player could be kicked on end round on full servers
- Major HUD refactoring/overhaul
- Tournament Mode now unlocking ACE.
- Additional Exceeding-Max-Altitude Checks for Bots.
- Obstacle Avoidance while bots attempt to grab enemy flag improved.
- Tutorial text referencing incorrect buttons for boost and camera.
- Removed Hellfire from Rocket Arena
- Removed Vulcan from Bullet Arena
- Enabled tutorial menu item for demo (fixed all enabling/disabling single-player menu items)
- Fixed bug with respawning when pressed spacebar during chatting
- Fixed scoreboard flickering in FreeFlight
- Fixed hidden 5th action in tournament in all tiers
- Fixed problem of missing screen at the end of the round when re-setting to new round
- One-button toggle camera between 1st and 3rd view functionality restored
- Fixed HUD and flash scripts relating leaderboard/lobby screen displaying logic

- Rearranged order of data in SendBuffer to assure proper data alignment
- Added code so that wait for fire to start is cancelled when required and pending event handler is unregistered
- BotIdleCTF using short term memory for targeting like non-ctf modes.
- BotBodyGuardCTF cleaned up maintain ideal distance, and patrol range.
- Seekers are now less random, search angle and search distance reduced.
- Removed smoke system from centre of Volcano

 25 Oct 2010

The Call to Arms (Patch

Today (October 25th, 2010) we will be releasing our first major content patch; the “Call to Arms”.
To celebrate this milestone the nice people at Steam have allowed us to put DogFighter on promo for a limited time with a whopping 85% off!

Are we crazy? Well, yes we are but that’s beside the point.

So what are you getting for your hard earned dosh?
Here’s what we are including in our patch:

* Tutorial Mode
To ease our new players into the DogFighter universe

* Mongoose Interceptor
A new craft for those who like to move at mental speeds

* The Old Gods
The first new level for DogFighter. Its frickin’ awesome!

* Dedicated Server App
At last! The dedicated server will be made available to the public for both the full version and the demo version!

* The Usual Bug Fixes and Tweaks(Check forums on Monday for a full list!)
This is something we ALWAYS do and always stay on top of.

Many thanks to the members of our community that have helped us out by reporting bugs and providing debug info. You are the greatest.

Change Log: 25.October.2010

- "The Olds Gods"
- Tutorial Mode
- Mongoose Interceptor Aircraft
- Heavily commented server config file
- "News" MessageBox
- Tutorial code for HUD
- Chat messaging split by colours: light red/blue - chat to all, darker red/blue - team chat
- New messages including 'Double Kill', 'Multi-Kill', ' killed You', 'You killed a team-mate'
- Tutorial item into main menu
- Radar marks for offensive/defensive pickups, balloons and race-markers
- HUD commands for scripting - show/hide HUD parts
- Tutorial messages and pickups
- Integration of Mongoose and The Old Gods into Menu
- Tutorial messages relating to pickups
- TutorialExecuteAfter functionality
- Implemented QuitGame function and added into end of tutorial
- Tutorial off-screen indicator for active race-marker
- Tutorial leaderboard, hidden scoreboard, changed colors for tutorial radar pickups, added function for querying HUD messageBox visibility

- Message when flag can't be dropped because other team has the flag
- Localisation fallbacks to default translation file if locale not found
- Message of the Day
- Multi Kill messages
- +reset_input_settings option to ignore input settings file

- Changed physx scene init flags to be better compatible with default settings per platform

- Updated to Steam SDK 1.11
- Update to PhysX SDK
- Logging for physx is always enabled in the NXPhysXCreateSDK call
- Create PhysX error message changed to reflect driverless installation and added error code to message box
- Brackets health progress-bar shown just for enemies
- CTF indicator colouring unified when flag stolen, indicator shown also for enemy flag
- Removed some debug messages

7 Oct 2010

Updates to Dogfighter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


  • Initial localisation support for C++ code
  • Initial tutorial logic for application and race markers
  • Windows mouse sensitivity setting additionally used to scale in game mouse sensitivity
  • Added XBox joypad full input customization,
  • getArray function into Scaleform GUI implementation
  • Added Lone Wolf patch
  • Added Lone Wolf and Wolf Pack help screens


  • Client disconnect from server registered immediately
  • Crash in dedicated server when 0 bots selected
  • Swift Aileron now functions correctly
  • Missing Propeller in "Protofighter"
  • Missing Particle system in CTF Pharaohs re-added
  • Fixed grammatical errors in some game mode descriptives
  • Fixed radar change target bug in HUD
  • Fixed HUD, removed HUD 4:3 - not used from now, instead re-scaling elements dynamically according to graphics resolution
  • Fixed HUD timer when missing until first death and removed time limit for survivor
  • Fixed mouse input bindings in flash and C++ to allow mapping any button/wheel to any function
  • Fixed problem for inverted pitch settings for joystick and x-joypad
  • Fixed Spawn Points penetrating geometry on Volcano
  • Fixed ServerInfo screen content: scene name, number of players, kill limit, time limit
  • Fixed bug 'Unlimited Boost stops working after doing Immelman'
  • Fixed chat messages colouring
  • Fixed advanced flight model setting from main menu
  • Fixed LoneWolf server creation point limit setting
  • Fixed bug allowing to spawn when 'Exit? Yes/No' MessageBox shown by preventing spawning
  • Fixed max score limit when negative points
  • Fixed joystick pitch up/down inverted sense


  • Reduced timeout for disappearing clients
  • Quickmatch now uses dedicated servers
  • Gravity Acceleration applied when stalled increased from 20 to 40%
  • Controls for all craft have been made to feel more deliberate and easier to control
  • Vapour trails slightly longer and are activated at 60m/s. IE usually always on unless braking
  • Black Death Viper Damage reduced significantly
  • Viper is now a two shot weapon instead of firing both projectiles together
  • All craft health adjusted
  • All weapons re-balanced to suit above changes
  • Added tutorial texts to be ready for final integration of tutorial level
  • Major controls improvement, mouse buttons now supported up to 8, redesigned controls menu to offer binding to any mouse input, x-pad allows to invert pitch and setting bank/pitch sensitivities (separately for each), repositioned/enlarged controls menu sliders to allow more precise slider movement
  • Join server menu default tab switched to dedicated servers
  • Bot Short Term Memory used for Target Selection
  • Defaulted dedicated servers tab
  • XBox controller bank/pitch sensitivities defaulted to 60/70

Older release notes have been removed...

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